Niro Ceramic has been around for more than 30 over years. Founded in the year 1979; the first manufacturing plant was established in Cresciano, Switzerland to announce the presence of porcelain tiles to the world. Ever since that, varieties of tiles were exported worldwide and the rapid growth in Asia markets eventually led to the success of Niro Ceramic Malaysia’s establishment in 1988 and Niro Ceramic Indonesia in 1995. Attribute to the further market demand and expansion of our own capacity, Niro Ceramic established its operation in Foshan, China in 2001 as an outsourcing operation, where contractors and factories were carefully selected to produce as according to our designs and specifications. A complete organization was established in China is to ensure the same stringent quality product and efficiency of customer service.

The continuous investment and adaptation to meet customers’ demands have caused the further expansion of Niro Ceramic Group’s network across to Vietnam and resulted in Niro Ceramic Vietnam being established in 2010. In that same year, Niro Ceramic Group has also started its Distribution Centre and Showroom in Alcora, Spain.

Since the establishment year, Niro Ceramic Group has succeeded in preserving the Swiss Heritage of always delivering high quality products and services to the customers despite having many new product lines and numerous geographical expansions. As clearly stated in our corporate mission statement, we strive to bring the best trendy collection of high quality porcelain tiles, efficient customer services and most important of all, the value added strategies to our partnerships all around the globe.

With more than 30 years experience in the building material industry, we are now developing 2 brands: NIRO GRANITE (focuses on the industry of flooring business) and ORIN (especially destined to bathroom/ sanitary products). Our products have been exported to more than 70 countries worldwide and used for many projects ranging from residences, commercial buildings, high rise buildings and others. In Indonesia, the company is a well-established outfit with a network of branches reaching to several main cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan.

Corporate Vision

Niro Granite, the Swiss-Quality tile is the preferred choice for our customers around the world. Our excellent product collections, superior quality, consistency innovative marketing support, efficiency of customer care and logistics management are the best valued added reasons and explanation of being the triumph amongst our competitions.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in porcelain tile industry by always presenting the best collection of products in terms of designs and technical qualities that are highly appreciated by the building professionals and owners.

We could achieve this with our trendy product development, innovative marketing backed up by versatile sourcing and efficient productions with the commitment and collaboration of effort by our people. We ensure the high level of satisfaction of our customers and efficient supply chain management throughout our organisation. Our energetic, dedicated and capable people are our weapon and assets. With these, it brings us nearer to achieve our mission and making everything possible!


Swiss quality, European designs, innovative marketing and excellent customer care epitomize our Global Mindset. We respect local cultures and diversities and at the same time, we adopt global best standards and practices as our core competencies.



Ethics, Honesty and Responsibility are the moral values and principles that guide us individually and collectively so that we are consistent, transparent and trustworthy to all our stakeholders.



We support each other across all organizational and geographical lines so that our shaped goals and objectives can be achieved efficiently.



We are passionate about our works as we desire to bring great experiences and lasting beauties to our customers through our services and products.



In order to achieve long term succes in the competition, we must constantly learn and innovate to deliver higher added products and services to our customers.



Every Niro-ian has a leadership role either directly or indirectly in making sure that we all move together towards our common goals.



We are passionate in providing our customers excellent services & solutions by taking ownership and stretching our boundaries.